A Brief Introduction of Beijing International Studies University

Beijing International Studies University (BISU) was founded in 1964 at the suggestion of China’s late premier Zhou Enlai. BISU boasts a wide range of disciplines such as Literature, Economics, Management and Law, and serves as an important base for training professionals with international horizon and hands-on skills and experiences in foreign affairs, tourism and business for the capital city of Beijing and the nation at large. The late premier Zhou Enlai and the late Vice Premier Chen Yi visited BISU several times and the former President Jiang Zemin wrote an inscription during his visit to BISU. In fact, BISU has been blessed with the support from China’s state leader since its founding. 

Vision and Mission

BISU will distinguish itself with the enhanced teaching and research of Foreign Language and Tourism Management as our signature programs, producing interdisciplinary talents of international horizon and cross-cultural awareness as a Teaching-Research university with international reputation for its signature programs and popularity among students. 

Disciplines and Programs

BISU offers Master’s Degree programs in 4 First-tier Disciplines , i.e. Foreign Languages and Literature, Business Administration, Chinese Language and Literature and Applied Economics, and in 18 second-level disciplines, i.e. English language and literature, Japanese language and literature, Russian language and literature, German language and literature, French language and literature, Arabic language and literature, Asian and African language and literature (only Korean available now), Foreign linguistics and applied linguistics, Comparative literature and world literature, Aesthetics, Linguistics and applied linguistics, Ancient Chinese literature, Modern and contemporary Chinese literature, Finance, International trade, Accounting, Business administration and Tourism administration. We are also eligible in offering Master’s degree for 3 Professional programs, i.e., Master in Translation and Interpretation, Master in Business Administration, Master in Tourism Administration. We recruit BA students in English, Business English, Japanese, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Korean, Translation and Interpreting, Tourism Management, Marketing Management, Accounting Management, Exhibition Economy and Management, Hospitality Management, International Economics and Trade (including second Bachelor’s degree), Finance, International Culture and Trade, Chinese Language and Culture, Journalism, Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, International Politics, International Affairs and Relations, Law, and Chinese Language (for international students).

BISU boasts of 480 full-time faculty members, more than 250 of whom are Professors or Associate Professors. Most of the teachers have had overseas study experiences prior to teaching at BISU. Besides, more than 120 part-time professors and 60 foreign experts are also part of the faculty.

Our Values of Education

“To train professionals with up-to-date knowledge and hands-on experiences” has been our commitment over the last fifty years.

Rooted in language proficiency training, the foreign language programs also have their strength in the second foreign language and non-language courses. The priorities are students’ competence in translation and cross-culture communication, world knowledge and hands-on experiences.

The non-language programs focus on in-trench experiences. Bilingual courses and content courses offered by foreign teachers greatly enhance the foreign language proficiency of our students. The market-oriented approach is everywhere in our classrooms to facilitate the professionalism, hands-on experiences and innovation in students.


Foreign language teaching enjoys a time-honored history as the backbone of BISU, with the Japanese, Arabic, and English as the “Model Program” of Beijing aside from Tourism Management. Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Tourism Management and German programs as the “Signature Programs” at the municipal level. One of the earliest in China, the Tourism Management program is also one of the best nationwide, which was accredited and awarded the Four-year Accreditation by the World Tourism Organization, the highest of its kind.

International Exchanges and Cooperation

BISU maintains a long-term friendly cooperative relationship with more than 130 universities and educational institutions around the world, such as the USA, the UK, Japan, ROK, Australia, France, Canada, Germany, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Egypt and Hong Kong, etc.. With academic exchanges, scholar exchanges, student exchanges and joint research programs, more than 300 students go abroad for study and nearly 1000 students from all around the world come to study at BISU each year.

Teaching Facilities

BISU is in possession of many modern teaching facilities ranging from the Lab of Simultaneous Interpretation, the Lab of Digital Language Learning, the Lab of Journalism, the Lab of Financial Mock Trading, the Lab of Tourism Planning and Programming, the Mock Court, the Network Computer Lab, the Campus Network, to BISU Television and the Ground Receiving System of Satellite. The library carries bountiful books and other resources within a large periodical reading room, a specialized reading room, an electronic reading room and a computer network service system. BISU has also been dedicated to boosting infrastructure construction including sports facilities and other amenities..

Campus Culture

With the motto of “Being conscientious and hardworking; pursuing truth and excellence”, BISU attaches great importance to both imparting of knowledge and capacity building. Students are encouraged to take part in a wide range of events on campus and beyond, highlighting on their language proficiency and expertise in their own fields.

Over the years, BISU students have reaped bountiful harvests in national and international academic contests such as the National English Contest for College Students (NECCS), the National English Speech Contest for College Student, the Model United Nation, the Asia Pacific Forum for Graduate Research in Tourism, the “Challenge Cup” National Undergraduate Science and Technology Works Competition as well as competitions in foreign languages both home and abroad. Students have also worked as volunteers for the Beijing Olympic Games, the Shanghai World Expo, the Guangzhou Asian Games, the China EU Cooperation Forum, the China Africa Cooperation Forum, the General Assembly Session of the World Tourism Organization among other important international events, which was well reputed both home and abroad.  

Students’ Employment

Against the backdrop of the climbing demand for foreign-language professionals as well as business and management professionals with foreign language proficiency as a result of the deepening of Opening-up and Reform, BISU has evolved so as to promote the all-round competence of students. In recent years, the employment rate of BISU students has remained at around 95%, with a steady growth of the number of graduates in large and medium state-owned enterprises and foreign-funded business, and a remarkable growth of the number of graduates being recruited by banks, stock exchanges and other financial institutions. Also on the rise is the number of undergraduates taking postgraduate entrance exams and pursuing studies overseas. Undergraduates have been high on the want-list by government offices at all levels. Thanks to their foreign language proficiency, hands-on skills and high caliber, BISU graduates have long enjoyed a good reputation on the job market. According to the “2009 Annual Report on Employment of Chinese College Graduates” by MyCOS, the most trusted and impartial education data & consulting company, BISU graduates enjoyed an average monthly salary of RMB 3,499, the highest among all graduates from the non-211 universities.

To boost its popularity and the recognition on the part of the students, BISU has made unswerving efforts to come up with a customized curriculum as well as provide an unparalleled multi-lingual and multi-cultural environment for language learning, which has enormously fueled the success of students. As a result, BISU ranked the 28th for the “Students Satisfaction Survey of the Year of Chinese Universities” by China Newsweek in 2010. 

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